Finding The Common Ground: Understanding Causes of Back Pain 

People suffering from common causes of back pains are topping the charts and spilling over. It has become an epidemic; studies show approximately seventy-five percent of every adult on this planet will experience back pain to some degree. Sadly, this is almost certainly unavoidable.  If you can walk and function, work and play then you may fall prey to the common back ache at some point in your life.

It seems that no occupation or pastime is safe from the possibility of painful oohs and aahs from bending over for too long, or reaching just a smidge too far during that tennis match. Golfers also complain of jabs and twinges from over swinging. Who knew gold could be so dangerous? There are a few common causes of back pain that all people should be aware of in order to avoid injury to their spine and spinal muscles.

Know Thyself (And Thy Back)
To understand the common causes of back pain, it would be a good idea to understand the back itself. Thirty-three vertebrae and more than thirty muscles make up the spine; including a number of ligaments, inter-vertebrae discs, and a few joints. This isn’t something that nature just slapped together. Your back is an intricate network of tissues, nerves, and sturdy bones that must be kept in good condition to continue working properly. Even light exercise can be very helpful.

Muscles can certainly stretch, but this does not make you Mr. Fantastic. One of the most common causes of back pain is muscular or lumbar strain and ligament sprain. Stress can also cause back pain like this, where it feels like a pulled muscle. The best thing to do is to try and relax as much as possible, and also look into scheduling a visit with a chiropractor.  Strains and sprains need more TLC than anything else; a lot of rest, an ice pack, and plenty of water to flush out any impurities in your tissue.

Osteoporosis is more common a cause of back pain than many people realize. Your bones lose calcium as you get older, making them weak and vulnerable to fracture. No one wants a broken back. This condition, along with arthritis attacks the framework of the spine; if the frame is weakened, then the entire structure can collapse. Check with your doctor about adding calcium supplements to your daily regimen in order to maintain healthy and strong bones.

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