Using Back Pain Relief Exercise to Fix Parts You Are Always Using

One of the hardest parts about getting rid of, or treating, back pain is that some parts of your back you are using all the time even when you are at your most relaxed.  Even when you have confined yourself to your bed because of back pain you still use your shoulders, your neck, and your upper body to move yourself around your bed and to look around the room.

It can be very difficult to find effective upper back pain exercises because it feels like you are always undoing the good that they did when you are done and you start to move your shoulders and the pain comes back.  Any back pain relief exercise is an ongoing process that can take a long time to complete and sometimes the work of the back pain relief exercise can be complicated by the area of the back that it needs to work on.

If you absolutely cannot stay off your feet to rest your lower back then any exercises given to strengthen your lower back will seem like back pain relief exercises wasted because you will still feel the pain afterwards.  Most of the back pain relief exercise programs a therapist will give you are designed to stretch out the back to offer temporary relief as well as strengthen and treat the back.  So you will find over time that your back pain relief exercise program offers you a brief relief from the pain as well as long term relief as well.

The key to any back pain relief exercise program is persistence.  Many people will give up on a back pain relief exercise program because they feel like the program is ineffective after a few weeks and they do not see a point to continuing.  In most cases a few weeks is not enough to see the real results of a well planned out back pain relief exercise program and that can be especially true if the area you are treating is an area that you use frequently.

Always Stay In Touch With Your Therapist

When you are executing a back pain relief exercise program in a part of your back that you use frequently it is very important to maintain regular contact with your physical therapist.  Frequent visits will help the therapist be updated on your progress and they can, in turn, update you on how they think you are doing.  If any changes to your program need to be made they can be made then and the hope is that with some persistence and adjustment you can find the back pain relief exercise program that finally relieves your pain for good.

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