Why Do Upper Back Pain Exercises?

Over the years medical science has made some amazing advances.  Doctors can give someone a new heart, a new lung, or even help someone walk after they have lost their legs.  But even with all of the great advances in medical science there are still two things your doctor cannot do.  Your doctor cannot cure the common cold and your doctor still has no idea how to treat your chronic back pain.

Well, they can treat certain aspects of it but there really is no certain way to successfully treat major back pain.  Most of the time, when someone goes to their doctor for back pain, the first thing the doctor will do is send that patient to a physical therapist for some sort of exercise to relieve back pain.

But upper back pain exercises can take a long time to start showing positive effects and many people do not have the patience to wait for upper back pain exercises to really start to work.  But if you consider the alternatives then the wait for upper back pain exercises to start taking effect may be the way to go.  In the world of treating the back the idea of upper back pain exercises is much more preferable to the many alternatives.

One of the alternatives is shots in the back.  In lieu of upper back pain exercises some people will opt to have steroid shots in their back with 5 inch long needles.  The process is painful and usually not very effective.  It is also not done in lieu of upper back pain exercises.  The idea of steroid shots is to give you temporary relief while you recover and strengthen your back.  The only way to effectively strengthen your back is through a regiment of professionally recommended upper back pain exercises.

Surgery Is a Last Resort

Most doctors that have patients with serious back pain will try just about anything to allow their patients to avoid back surgery.  While medical science has made huge leaps in other forms of surgery there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the effectiveness of back surgery.  To many doctors their patients are better off suffering with upper back pain exercises for a few months while waiting for results than to resort to surgery.  Most doctors will use surgery only as a very last resort and even then they would still prefer to have their patients continue with a regiment of upper back pain exercises than to get cut open by any surgeon.

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