Advice On Preventing Chronic Neck Back Pain

How many times in your life have you suffered an injury when you did something right after someone suggested that you not do that thing because you will get hurt?  In many cases that is how neck back pain starts.  The best way to prevent chronic neck back pain is to avoid any chronic back pain cause that you come across in an average day.  The best thing to remember when it comes to chronic neck back pain is that it does not take much to trigger that horrible pain but it can take weeks, even months, to get rid of it.  If you make the wrong move or over exert yourself too much when you know you shouldn’t then you are setting yourself up for chronic neck back pain that you will be living with for quite a while.  Even the old excuse of sleeping wrong is a legitimate way of getting neck back pain.  The key here is to avoid situations that you know will cause you chronic neck back pain.  Lifting something too heavy can cause it, turning your head quickly from one side to the other can cause it, or something as simple as lifting your head at an awkward angle can all cause chronic neck back pain.  If you listen to that inner voice, or even someone else’s outer voice, that tell you to avoid something because it will cause chronic neck back pain then you should be okay.

As much as people do not like to admit it age is a factor in the ability to contract chronic neck back pain.  The older you get the less likely you are to be as limber as you used to be.  Sudden movements or activities like lifting or sports that you used to be able to do in your younger days could cause serious chronic neck back pain as you get older.  If you insist on engaging in these activities then the only advice is that you need to stretch a lot before you begin and try to once again avoid situations that you know will cause you chronic neck back pain.

A Muscle Or Even A Disc

Usually chronic neck back pain is caused when you pull a muscle in your neck, tear a muscle in your neck, or contract damage to the discs in your spine where the spine meets the skull to create your neck.  It can be some of the most horrendous pain you have ever experienced and, as was mentioned, it can take a very long time to relieve that pain.  A pinched nerve in your neck can also cause chronic neck back pain.  With so many potential causes it makes sense to visit your doctor if you start to experience any pain in your upper back, shoulders, or neck so that your doctor can recommend a proper treatment for you.

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