Living With Chronic Back Pain

Every once in a while everyone gets some sort of back pain.  You do too much lifting the day before or got a little to aggressive at sports the previous day and your back will probably hurt a little.  For people with the occasional back pain there are pills, ointments, and gels that will work to help get rid of the pain.  You can even slap on a heating pad for a few minutes and your pain will probably disappear.  But if you suffer from chronic back pain then you are probably already very aware of the lack of an effective chronic back pain treatment.

When you have chronic back pain for any reason you soon come to realize that you will more than likely be living with it the rest of your life.  There are exercises you can do to help strengthen parts of your back and combat chronic back pain but the reality is when the weather changes, or there is a drop in the barometric pressure, your back pain will flair up and remind you that you are still injured and all the exercise in the world is not going to help.  It would be almost easier to accept if chronic back pain just limited itself to your back but it does not.  Whether you have damaged discs or muscle spasms in your back the chances are your back pain likes to affect more than just your back.

If you have damaged the discs in your back then you probably notice that when your chronic back pain flairs up that your leg hurts and your ankle on that leg hurts as well.  Which leg hurts depends on which side your discs are bulging out on.  If your discs bulge out on the left side then your left leg and ankle will hurt.  Vice versa for the right side.  It is almost easy to deal with your chronic back pain when you are trying to deal with the leg symptoms as well.  It almost seems sometimes like the pain down your leg is more than in your back.  As you can see chronic back pain is not fun.

The Stiffness Really Happens

You have probably seen people on television complaining that their chronic back pain is causing their back to stiffen up after a certain amount of activity.  That is not a Hollywood fable, that chronic back pain stiffness is very real and very painful.  It feels like someone has inserted a board in your back and you cannot bend your spine.  It can hurt a great deal but it is more frightening than anything else as you honestly begin to think you cannot bend your spine anymore.

The reality is that living with chronic back pain is painful and a sometimes frightening experience.  Do what you can to take care of your back and do whatever you can to avoid having to live with chronic back pain.

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