Looking For Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief

When you suffer from chronic lower back pain you are always looking for new ways to get just a little relief from your condition.  Many times people that suffer from chronic lower back pain are forced to deal with the condition for the rest of their lives but that does not mean that every once in a while they cannot find chronic back pain relief to help them forget just for a little while that they have their painful condition.  Some of the chronic lower back pain relief methods are strange and others are quite ordinary and some may surprise you at how well they work.  But in the end if all you are looking for is some sort of temporary relief from your chronic lower back pain then here are a few little things you can try that should help for a little while.

Obviously when you suffer from chronic lower back pain then standing can be painful after a while.  Walking, running, and anything else can eventually result in severe pain and stiffness as well.  Probably the most obvious relief from back pain is the direct opposite from all of this and that is simply lying down.  But when you lie down to relieve chronic lower back pain you should not lie down on any old surface.  To really help your chronic lower back pain you should find a surface that is firm but padded.  A good stiff couch or a stiff mattress will bring you a lot of relief.  Something too hard will prove to be very uncomfortable after a short while and something too soft will also prove to be painful quickly.  So look for that perfectly padded but stiff surface to try and deal with your chronic lower back pain.

One of the ways to relieve your chronic lower back pain for a short period of time that many people do not think of is swimming.  You may actually want to avoid any serious swimming type activity.  What really helps is being in the water and taking the pressure off your back by being able to have the water support your body.  How much activity you get involved in while in the pool is up to you but like anything else to do with chronic lower back pain if you over-do it you will probably regret it.

There are some tricks to getting temporary relief from your chronic lower back pain and if you spend some time talking with your doctor chances are you will find more ways that can help give you that short period of relief that can be so sweet after struggling with the pain all day.

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