How To Ease Severe Upper Back Pain

Severe upper back pain is not as common as lower back pain. Usually, severe upper back pain is caused by some mechanical problems or an injury to the individual. There may also be some conditions that can cause severe upper back pain.

Mechanical Problems

Severe upper back pain is most often caused by mechanical problems that has something to do with the muscles that are found in the upper back, shoulders and the neck. Some mechanical problems that can cause severe upper back pain have something to do with the way you may have slept or you may have abused the muscle at some point in time such as playing too much or swinging too hard.

Severe back pain during pregnancy is also another possibility when you usually suffer from back pain. Not getting enough upper body exercises can also be a cause for severe back pain in the upper part of the back. This is due mainly to the using of unused muscles which may have been dormant for some time.

Treating Severe Upper Back Pain

It is always a wise move to consult a doctor when plagued by severe upper back pain. If you think that a consultation with a trained expert is not necessary there are also some things which you can try in order to ease severe upper back pain.  Ice and heat are among the primary ways to ease the discomfort brought by pain in the upper back. Experts recommend initially applying ice for the initial day that you feel the pain in your upper back. The ice must be wrapped in a towel or put in an ice pack to avoid frostbite. This treatment is especially effective if you have some swelling in your back.

Heat is another option for treating severe upper back pain. A soak in warm water at least three times a day can be very relaxing and help to ease the discomfort in the upper back. Warm compresses can be equally effective as moist heat. In fact, heat can be more effective than ice in many ways.

Massages and some rest can also be effective for treating severe upper back pain. Massage is one way of relaxing the tense or tight muscles that may be the cause of the discomfort. Deep tissue massage can also be effective enough to reach the underlying muscles that may have been tensed due to over exercising or overexertion.

Treating severe upper back pain can also be done through medication and pain relieving drugs. Drugs and medication are among the fastest ways to relive the pain in the upper back.

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