The Causes Of Severe Back Pain

There are several kinds of severe back pain, but the two main ones are the lower back pain and the upper back pain. These are based on the regions in which the severity of the pain is felt. There are also many different causes of severe back pain that people experience. There are actually some kinds of back pain that are not as bad or as painful and these can just be because of how you were positioned while you were sleeping or when you may have been carrying something heavy. Severe back pain is different because the pain the individual usually feels is extreme and may be debilitating.

Factors Of Severe Back Pain

The usual factors that contribute to severe back pain can be disease related or something in which the physiological aspect of your body has been affected. There are many different diseases that may have severe upper back pain or severe lower back pain as their symptoms. The other kinds of causes of back pain can be a slipped disc or pulled muscle. In most cases of physiological trauma to the back, rest is usually recommended or even an operation to fix or heal the trauma.

Conditions That May Cause Severe Back Pain

Some examples of the more common diseases that can cause severe back pain are some types of arthritis, scoliosis, kidney stones, fibromyalgia and many others. These conditions can have severe back pain as one of their symptoms and can affect the individual greatly. Some types of arthritis can affect the back, whether lower or upper back, but the more intense or severe pain usually manifests when the individual is older. The same goes for scoliosis, which is a condition where the spine is curved.

Kidney stones can cause severe back pain especially when the stones are on the move.  Many people who suffer from this condition can pass out due to the intense pain that occurs. Fibromyalgia is a condition that can cause extreme fatigue in individuals and muscle pain. There are other conditions which can cause severe back pain and these vary from mechanical problems, infections and tumors, injuries and acquired diseases and conditions.

These causes of severe back pain are just examples; there are more causes of this phenomenon which may be directly or indirectly due to other conditions. Care must be taken when experiencing severe back pain and so with the medication taken to ease the discomfort.

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