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Ridding Your Back of Pain Caused From Stress

date 03 Oct 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

Stress can be to back pain what a case of the sniffles can be to the common cold.  It is almost a symbiotic relationship in a most evil way to the human body.  Stress can cause back pain in both …

Finding The Common Ground: Understanding Causes of Back Pain 

date 23 Sep 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

People suffering from common causes of back pains are topping the charts and spilling over. It has become an epidemic; studies show approximately seventy-five percent of every adult on this planet will experience back pain to some degree. Sadly, this …

Digging A Little Deeper: What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain?

date 17 Aug 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

Lower back pain is a very common thorn in the side for millions of men and women all over the world. They sigh and wince, grabbing their aching backs and grumbling for what seems to be the umpteenth time.  But …

Keep Your Spirits Up: Ideas To Relieve The Cause Of Upper Back Pain

date 01 Aug 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

With so much talk, research, and general inquiries online about what causes lower back pain, those who suffer from the causes of upper back pain may feel like they have been left on the sidelines.  Back pain problems in general …

Lowering the Boom on Lower Back Pain Causes

date 26 Jul 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

You are going about your day when that painful twinge hits, causing you to stop short and rub that familiar area just above your hips.  Lower back pain strikes again.  This is something that far too many people deal with …

Catching a Break in Back Pain Cause and Effect

date 18 Jul 2009 | category Back Pain Cause

Back Pain Cause
Millions of people everyday are suffering with different types and degrees of back pain.  The cause is not always easy for physicians to diagnose. The spine is the central hub for a person’s movement and nerve activity.  A …